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    I hate the Mid Del School district and its harrassing ways! It is almost impossible to get children enrolled and then there are so many other distractions such as parking fees etc.
    By Lola Tucker, March 28, 2018
  • I stop by often for fountain drinks and their hot food items. If they had no-ethanol fuel, I'd gas up there also but they are ethanol only. Parking can get busy but usually not bad. I enjoy going in because their employees are pretty nice and I feel welcome.
    By mc c, March 07, 2018
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    Popcorn and cheerful greeting as you come through the front door but tellers are working both the drive through and the lobby. There are no lines so you hesitate walking up because you don't know which station the next teller will be able to assist you at. The drive thru business line might as well be an after thought. Sat there and watched others in lanes 2-5 moving through before the indoor teller acknowledged that I was still sitting there. They seem rather confused who's working what day to day. Had to close business account because online access and photo copy of checks were not displayed on the statements.
    By Bill Harvey, March 02, 2018
  • I just opened a savings plus checking account. I love love love this place! The credit union workers Make me feel very very respected. God bless America!
    By Darlene Freeman, February 28, 2018

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