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Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Full information about Jackson Hewitt Tax Service — 1701 South Air Depot Boulevard, Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110 Oklahoma 73110

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1701 South Air Depot Boulevard,
Midwest City, Oklahoma

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+1 405-942-1980

Finance Accounting

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    We took our taxes in here to be told that we shouldn't file because we would have to pay to file. I have 2 kids. Took my taxes down the street and got a return of $1200. Make sure you get someone who knows what they are doing. The lady that almost screwed us was actually training someone that day we went in there. She should be fired.
    By Matthew Barnhouse, December 15, 2017
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    1St called way ahead to ask on time for Walmart Supercenter due to weather. Show up and closed early. Had to drive to another location. She wasnt too happy about us coming ay 6:40. Ummm well be where you said when I first called. We can't come do our taxes earlier because of work. 2nd well still ticked because we came. Then needed to do tax for 2016 including this years. This lady does not know how to prepare or knows what to do. One time she says we have to prepay. We mentioned competition does it free. She calls her boss. Fees can just be combined with current tax filing. Other things she said they can't do, then calls boss and can be done. Gets all sort of pissy because my son touched the window. Snaps at him.. Don't touch the window.. Now I have to clean it. Don't touch it again. I got a paper towel and cleaned the finger print. First off don't talk to my son like that.. He has a disability and doesn't deserve to be spoken to like that. Then I question her about something and she snaps at me and that same ole bull.. Don't yell at me ma'am. I didn't yell. You'd know if I was yelling. Not my fault you don't know how to do your job and get pissed when you're wrong. And make me feel bad about my disability, my sons disability because my mom helps me. You don't know me. You have no idea what's wrong. I've worked. I support my children. I'm very thankful I have my mom to help me in a time I need it. I'm not some moocher who just sits around. Do before you give me attitude and a snide look.. Better learn some sympathy disabled citizens. Lucky I'm not someone who videos it and shows that discrimination and your bad attitude. You're the one who'd look not so intelligent.
    By JLouise Ciruso, June 10, 2017
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